3 Under the Age of Two

        Endless questions would run throughout my mind during my twin pregnancy. However, when the doctor first broke the new and I saw my boys on the ultrasound screen I did not have time to react. In that moment, I just laughed....I was in shock. I also had my squirmy one-year-old daughter on my lap who was completing losing her patience sitting in the boring office. But soon it hit me - I how do was I going to take care of two newborns while my daughter was still a baby herself? I only had two hands- how would I manage getting everyone in and out car seats, grocery shopping, feeding and all the other things. So many of my worries revolved around possible about NICU time; which is common among twins. On Christmas Eve my twins were born and I quickly became a mother of three kids under the age of two.
       That first year was a blur of survival mode. My husband and I ramped up on baby gates, a mega-sized stroller, and caffeine. We found our way and slowly began to gain more confidence as family of five.
     I have three practical tips for mothers with an growing family.
   1. Mindset is everything. Get grateful everyday. Each challenge is truly gift for you. Every tough moment is an opportunity for growth.
   2. Let go of expectations - motherhood may not look exactly how you pictured it. That is OK. Life with one child is often much different than juggling multiple. There can be beautiful messy chaos if your willing to let go how you think things should be.   
    3. Focus on what you can do for others. Often our worries are thoughts of circumstances outside of our control. The feeling can start to spiral downward and within. One of the best way to counteract this is to focus on what you can do to help others. Shortly after our NICU experience with the twins I created Hearts of Hope Program for those parents enduring the NICU experience. I make fabric hearts that parents can hold against their skin to transfer their scent to leave alongside their baby.  So the the familiar comforting smells of mom or dad is always with their little one.  












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