Hearts of Hope

Our Hearts of Hope Program offers a FREE fabric heart to those parents enduring the NICU experience. Moms and dads can tuck the heart against their skin to transfer their scent to the heart. The heart is then placed alongside their baby leaving the familiar comforting smells of mom or dad with their baby. My HOPE is that these hearts will bring comfort and healing to you and your little one.

To start the process, simply fill out the form below and we will send your little miracle a Heart of Hope - It's our gift to you


Why Hearts of Hope

After discovering that I was pregnant with twins I quickly learned the real possibility of premature birth when carrying more than one baby. I remember celebrating every week that I was able to carry my two baby boys in my belly knowing they were growing stronger every day.

I gave birth to my boys on a Christmas Eve night. Due to some breathing issues my smallest baby Alex was scooped up by the doctors for closer care before I had a chance to even take a glimpse at him. Soon he was being transferred in an ambulance to a NICU in another hospital. All of a sudden I was stuck recovering in a hospital bed unable to see and hold one of my precious new babies. We were all very fortunate that he stabilized quickly, but those few days hormones and heartbreak were hard.

That experience gave me a big heart the moms and dads that so selflessly endure every day. Sometimes, for months on end. Once I started this business, it was my unshakable goal to be able to give out free fabric hearts to any NICU parent that wants one.

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